6 Types of Cardboard Boxes You Didn’t Know Existed

Cardboard boxes are a staple of any business that ships products. They provide protection and make shipping easier for employees. But what about the other types of cardboard boxes out there? This blog post will explore few different types of cardboard boxes you might not have heard of before.

  1. The AirBarrel

This type of box is incredibly common in the USA. Its first and foremost purpose is to help companies save money on shipping costs and make things easier for their employees. This makes this particular kind of cardboard box very useful during busy times like holiday seasons or big sales events for a company.

These boxes are helpful because they feature pre-made fold lines that allow you to easily assemble them without having to spend time taping everything together by hand (saving valuable work hours). Another reason why air barrel boxes are great is that they can be stacked high without taking up too much space, thanks to their triangular shape.

  1. The Clamshell

Clamshell boxes are especially useful for electronics companies. The main feature of this type of box is that they allow everything inside to be completely protected.

  1. The Flat

Unlike most other types of boxes, this one does not have any flaps and is completely flat. This makes it perfect for shipping things like posters or blueprints that would be hard to fold and ship in a traditional box shape.

  1. The Kraft

This is a classic type of box that has been around for decades. The name comes from its brownish color, which resembles the color of its contents: kraft paper. This particular kind of cardboard box can be easily recognized by its distinct fold-out handle on the top.

  1. The Pallet

This type of box is designed to be shipped and stored on a pallet. That’s why it comes with two sets of flaps that can fold out into the sides, making them much stronger than other types of cardboard boxes.

  1. The Euro

This is a more modern kind of box that is great for shipping small items. Its square shape makes it perfect for storing and stacking together, which can ultimately save up valuable space in your warehouse.


Cardboard boxes are a great way to ship or store your products. But the types of cardboard boxes out there can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with them. The good news is that this blog post has covered few different kinds of cardboard boxes, so you know exactly what type of box would best fit your needs.

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