A Guide to Keeping your Heavy Plant Running

If your business involves the use of heavy plant, you will already know the importance of regular maintenance, especially when you have heavy machinery working day in, day out. On-site breakdowns are always a risk, and when that happens, time is of the essence, and repairing the machinery on-site is definitely the best solution. Having said that, employing a fully equipped mobile plant repair unit is a costly exercise, and not one that most companies can afford, yet there are solutions out there, if you know where to look.

Specialist Plant Maintenance Crews

If you are looking for a mobile diesel mechanic in Perth, an online search will bring up a list of potential providers, and it is important to look for a company that has adequate resources to provide you with round the clock support. Obviously, the maintenance crew must have a wealth of experience working with your plant, and they would carry a huge inventory of parts to enable on the spot repairs.

On-Site Maintenance

When you have plant working round the clock, it is vital that the machinery is serviced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, which helps to avoid shut-downs, and if you outsource the maintenance to an experienced team, you are minimising the risk of downtime. Manufacturer’s warranties are critical with heavy plant, and in order to ensure this, regular servicing needs to happen.

Contract Service

I you have heavy plant that is contracted to a specific project, you can outsource the entire maintenance and repair schedule to an experienced third party. This will ensure that whatever happens, your plant will always be running, and with very expensive penalties for late finishing, you simply cannot afford to fall behind.

Round the Clock Service

Heavy machinery can break down at any time, and when it does, every minute counts, which is why you need a service provider who operates a 24-hour service. There are specialist mobile plant repair firms who do nothing else but maintain contracted plant for the duration of the project, and finding one is easy if you use the Internet.

Genuine Parts

Some service providers try to cut corners by using parts of dubious origin, so make sure that your provider only uses manufacturer recommended parts. Of course, the maintenance team should all be experienced and qualified to service heavy plant, and the team leader would always keep the client informed.

Creating the Schedule

Once you find the right provider, they would create the maintenance schedule, which would include service sessions that do not interfere with the project schedule, and this would form the basis for the maintenance work. A parts list would also be created for every machine, with common breakdown components always in stock, which minimises the risk of downtime.

Cover Every Eventuality

When you have heavy plant working round the clock, there will be issues from time to time, and by covering every eventuality, when it does happen, the amount of time the machine will be offline will be minimal.

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