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Creating brand awareness and maximizing sales are important aspects of any business. Any company, no matter how big or small, needs a logo to advertise their brand. Personalized T-shirts are a cost-effective and unique way to advertise your products. Your employees can print custom T-shirts on a small budget and in no time at all. To print your T-shirt, be sure to choose a reputable printing company.

Spirit of teamwork

A benefit of printing custom T-shirts is that they make employees more socially connected. It can help employees learn team spirit, as well as make them more loyal and accountable. Custom T shirt printing for employees as uniforms is something that a lot of companies do. If you are using t-shirt / polo tee as a uniform, try to pick a simple design and a comfortable fabric. Employees will look more professional if they wear them.


By selling your company t-shirts as merchandise, you can use your creative skills and business savvy to make a profit. Companies can turn this into a good source of income through custom t-shirts if it is well-designed. Printing customized T-shirts is a great strategy for enforcing brand relevance on people. It is a great way to create awareness and draw attention to your company. It is also a great way to let your customers feel that they are a part of your company. Some of the companies who did a great job in this are Apple, Google, Ebay, Starbuck, Canon, Amazon, etc.

Brand Recognition

Custom-designed T-shirts with your company’s logo can help your business stand out. Logos and taglines on t-shirts can keep people reminded about your business. Small companies looking for recognition may find that brand awareness is essential. Personalized T-shirts are the only fuss-free and simple way to go. In this way, your brand is presented to the public in the best possible light.

Designing a company t-shirt that sell?

Strategically designing brand concepts that win in the market. How do differentiate your brand with other competitors and propel your business forward. This is a few guidelines to help you:

1) Keep the design simple
Avoid cluttered design, trying to squeeze all the information into a t-shirt. Nobody wants to wear a billboard and become a walking advertisement so don’t turn your t-shirt into a flyer. Nothing is more powerful than a simple logo on the t-shirt. Example: Nike – their classic design is just a tick and sometime with the slogan “Just Do It.”

2) Keep the message clear
Knowing what you want to achieve is very important. Do you want people to remember your brand? Do you have a slogan that goes with the logo? Or do you have an upcoming campaign that you want people to know?

3) Add in your website URL
If you are just started growing your company and not many people knew about your brand yet. Adding your company URL will be a good idea for people to search and learn more about you.

4) Keep your design readable
Make sure you use clear and readable fonts. The design and text should be large enough to be read easily even from a distance.

5) Choice of materials and printing method
If you like your customer to wear the t-shirt repeatedly, choose a fabric that is popular and comfortable to wear. Make sure that the fabric and print is durable too so that even after many washes, the t-shirt is still good to wear.


If you are looking for a cheap and effective way to do branding for your company, t-shirt marketing can be a good solution. With a clean and concise design, it will become a powerful branding tool for your company. If you do it well, it might also bring you another source of income.

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