Designing A Presentation Folder

A well-designed presentation folder can add extra value to your company literature and printed brochures.  A folder looks a lot more professional and can add an extra level of class and a great first impression of your company.

Witha lot of businesses competing for work right now, a great first impression can mean a lot.  When done correctly a beautiful printed presentation folder can help you gain your customers.

It is the most recognised and often most produced piece of print outside of flyers and business cards for businesses.  They can be simple as a standard folder with pocket for business card slits or as complex as something with complex die-cutting and other techniques.

They can also be the hardest type of printed material to produce.  This is why it is important to follow these tips to get it right the first time, as you do not want to waste money.

  • Keep it simple. |According to Jamie from Leeds Printing Company “A well designed printed presentation folder does not have to be complicated. A simple logo or picture can have a great effect on too much information.”  A simple design will get your message across quicker to your customers and your literature will have more information on.
  • The design of the presentation folder is only half of the job. You need to also think about what card stock for your folder.  If you choose the wrong one you can run the risk of ruining the design.  You should use heavier card stock for your folder, so it is more durable.  You should consider dark colours not only do they look attractive, but they are also having less chance of getting dirty.  You should consider laminated as these protect against water if they get wet.
  • Most companies choose a standard A4 portrait style presentation folder. If you want to stand out from your competitors choose something a little different.  Such as landscape or unique shaped pockets to hold the inserts.   This will make your folder stand out against other competitors and your customers will remember you for this.
  • Special finishes can also take your folder design to an extra special. If you have a simple logo you can emboss this,or you can deboss it and make it stand out.  This is a simple touch, but it will add a touch of class about your folder.  You could consider bright and vibrant Pantone inks, metallic foils and so much more.  These can add eye-catching interest to your presentation folder.
  • RBG vs CMYK. Conversions of images from RGB to CMYK from printing can cause it to become darker in print.  This is common on these conversions.
  • Fonts with tiny serifs, for instance, do not show up correctly using these methods. Make sure all elements of embossed or debossed are at least 2 pt thickness.  If you are using foil stamped text on your design, then it should be 1 pt thick at least.   Avoid serif fonts and avoid sizes that are smaller than 12 pt.

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