Dry Transformers – Why These Are Chosen Over Oil Transformers?

For efficient power supply to the living areas of town and cities or even the industries, the transformers are installed. These transformers carry the electric from the generation house to the substation maintaining the efficiency of the power and voltage. The electricity when reaches the substations these are the turned into high voltage capacity.

With time the technology has changed the way the transformers are designed to make it suit the costs of the emerging market and make the needs served at just the right price. Transformateur à sec being the new additions have become more preferable by the industries in general. Here is how!

Cost-effective installations

As compared to the traditional methods of power supply like the oil transformers, the dry transformers are pretty cheap. These bring in effective price with greater efficiency that helps bring down the power supply to marginal. There is availability of cheap transformers in new and refurbished state to find the best suited piece for the industry and use it for their advantage. One that offer better performance in less cost is surely a better choice!

Low maintenance

Dry transformers are easy to maintain and have a very low operative cost. These are suited with the multitude of the weather conditions bringing in a greater ease in maintenance. As compared to the old formats, with the use of dry transformers the industry has seen better power supply with lesser chances of breakdowns and damages.

Easy installation

Installing the dry transformer is easier. There is auxiliary service of 120 to 240v and carry the power at 2.4kV to 35kV with ease. These are medium voltage dry transformers which can be best suited for the industries as efficiently as it is for the housing complexes and residential areas. They can be used by any level of professionals for set-up.

Ease of configuration

Made of copper, sometimes aluminum, the dry transformers have insulation of 80 to 150 degrees. Thus allowing the use to match with the requirements of the modern day technology! These are petty efficient to use and easy to install for any of the professionals. Additionally, these come in configurations that can be personalized as per the individual demands of the industries. Suiting the specifications of different industries, the dry transformers meet the ends with ease.

With the emerging technology, new mechanisms and cost-effective aid, the dry transformers have become industrialist’s choices to bring about a quality power supply with ease.

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