Field Maintenance; Don’t Let The Game Hinder By Any Means

What is a sports field?

A sports field might also be known as a pitch or aground. For a smooth game, sports field maintenance is necessary so that the ground is clean and doesn’t mess up with the game and the players do not get hurt.

How to maintain a sports field?

  • Removing stones and pebbles – Make sure that the ground is free of stones and pebbles so that no one trips and hurts themselves because of these pebbles. These stones can hinder the game and cause some serious trouble.
  • Mowing the grass – Make sure that regular mowing of grass is done to add evenness and enhance the appearance of the ground. Keep in mind the height of the grass which should be 1-3 inches as you don’t want the ball to get lost in the grass.
  • Removing weed and wild plants – The problem of weed and wild plants is very common in any type of ground and garden if ignored it will become very difficult to get rid of the weed as they spread. Certain herbicides are used for the elimination f these unwanted plants
  • Fertilizing the ground – This ensures the growth of healthy grass on the ground. Though grass needs little fertilization so the process should be done accordingly.
  • Watering the field – Adding adequate water to the field is necessary it will ensure that the ground remains fresh. Too little or no water can make the field dry, dull, and dead at the same time too much water can make the field muddy, clumsy, dirty, and slippery.

Not only professional sports fields but local grounds also need sport field maintenance as these grounds allow you and your children to have a splendid time. Playing keeps your child healthy. It ensures physical and mental fitness, adds flexibility to the body, helps to deal with lethargy, burns calories and extra fats, helps you to lose weight healthily without having to starve yourself. All of this helps you to look and feel better. Regular playing is a very good exercising option it will lighten up your mood and give you a glowing face.

If you have been stressed out lately playing any kind of sports or just running, jogging, or walking can help to release your stress.

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