How to Become an Effective Leader – Tips and Concepts by Entrepreneur Daniel Shin

As a world-renowned innovator, investor, and entrepreneur, Daniel Shin has spent a significant amount of his time brainstorming ways to bring his team to new heights. Shin is the founder and CEO of PortOne Global, one of the leading payment processing companies in Asia. In addition to his work with PortOne, Daniel Shin has worked hard to assist in the development of numerous companies and facilitates throughout the world.

As the previous CEO of TicketMonster, Shin has seen how far his team can take him. In doing so, Shin has learned the different ways that leaders can help to instigate and promote productivity within the workplace.

Shin says, “Life is not all about getting to the finish line but also in how you ran the race and the impact you had on others along the way.”

Growing a Positive Team

Daniel Shin has enjoyed numerous thriving business ventures throughout his career. Linking them all together has been his focus on developing an environment conducive to open collaboration and constructive two-way communication.

Shin believes that there are a number of ways to approach developing a positive team, but many of those ways will fall on the leader in the room.

Learning how to delegate will go a long way toward guiding teams to positive outcomes, at least according to Daniel Shin. Putting the right members in charge of the right projects will help them to maximize their skills while improving productivity.

By learning to delegate better, leaders can develop their emotional intelligence. Leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence will often find outside-of-the-box solutions to problems that they have been wrestling with.

Finally, Daniel Shin suggests allowing for two-way communication wherein teammates feel open to discussing their constructive criticisms of how the office is operating. Ideas should be based on merit, not who is saying them, and that is why Shin always looks at outcomes, not job titles.

Benefits of Collaborative Prioritization

When leaders focus on team-building, they can go a long way toward creating healthy and positive outcomes that improve the outlook of the business and the individual worker.

In fact, by learning to properly delegate tasks while developing two-way communication, leaders can enjoy the benefits of collaborative prioritization. When teams prioritize the right tasks in a collaborative environment, they get to enjoy

  • Better Team Alignment
  • Reduction in Burnout Potential
  • Reach Project Deadlines
  • Improved Team Morale

It doesn’t take much to become the ideal leader, it just takes a focus on the areas that matter most. Shin says, “Focusing on a few decisions that are key and punting the rest is significantly more effective than doing everything in an average way.”

Shin went on to add, “I try to focus on surrounding myself with a team that is just as passionate and excited about execution as I am.”

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