How to Reduce Spam in Your Company’s Network

Spam mail is a serious problem that affects many businesses. If you open your inbox in the morning at work, you are likely to be greeted with hundreds of spam emails from various sources. Most people don’t realise that when they subscribe to newsletters on different websites, the website may decide to sell off the information it has accumulated to other marketing agencies. Before you know it, your email will be sent out to numerous companies and will be used for targeting by numerous spam senders.

In a business environment, this is a big issue. If your employees have to spend several minutes each day simply browsing through their email inbox to get rid of spam, it’s a big problem. Studies have shown that on average, a worker spends at least 15 minutes simply deleting spam mail from their inbox during the day. If you compound those costs over the course of the year, you will realise that a considerable amount of company resources are eventually spent on employees simply deleting pointless emails.

Apart from that, spam mail can also prove to be very harmful for other reasons. A common issue that arises for most people is that the spam mail can eventually spread viruses throughout the company’s network. When that happens, you will end up spending a considerable amount of money on repairs and virus removal, not to mention the added expenditure in case your data is damaged or corrupted. If you want to reduce spam in your company’s network, the best thing that you can do is install a spam cleaning software program. Reputable programs, such as Mailcleaner, are an excellent choice and offer a number of advantages. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for such a program.

The Mail Is Routed Elsewhere

When you purchase such a program, the company will install a separate DNS to ensure that the mail does not land on your company’s server. Instead, all of the mail will be routed to another server, where it will be checked before being forwarded to your company’s server. Many spam senders tend to flood servers with spam mail to bring them down. However, if the mail is being routed to another server altogether, it will be easier to handle. The mail will be checked by a robust firewall before being forwarded.

More Secure

Another reason why you should install a software program such as this is because it adds another layer of security to your company’s network. You don’t have to worry about spam mail being an issue because the company will assign a team to constantly monitor your company’s network. If spam mail is detected on the servers, it will automatically prevent the mail from entering your company’s network. You will notice a major increase in productivity, as your employees will become much more professional. Moreover, company resources will be conserved on a daily basis as well.

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