Integrating Tech Into Your Work-From-Home Décor

Being able to work from home comes with many benefits. A prominent one is getting to establish your own — hopefully private — workspace. Of course, you want to put some thought into this area to make it functional, yet still as comfortable as possible. This could mean bringing in your favorite lounge chair or investing in an ergonomic sit-to-stand desk. Whichever furnishings you choose, the goal is to maintain productivity.

As you strive to make the most out of your work-from-home (WFH) set-up, you should definitely think about incorporating smart home technology. A great way to add style and modernity, these various fixtures can enhance your home office for a more appealing and practical workstation. To help get you started, here are a few examples of smart WFH décor and gadgets to consider.

First, there’s creating a favorable ambiance. As more and more research has shown, the right lighting and other such natural elements have the power to positively influence mood, especially in work settings. This means paying attention to how much natural lighting you’re letting in. That’s where a smart lighting system comes in handy. By installing a few lights and hanging some blinds, you could have the ability to adjust the intensity of your office’s lighting, as well as the color, in just a couple swipes of an app. Not only could this help make your work environment more optimally lit, but it could also help reduce eye strain from poor lighting.

You can also add some greenery to the space. Plants can give an area visual interest, improve air quality and bring on a calming effect. However, to get these potential benefits, you need to provide for the plant as well. Achieving this is easy nowadays with a smart grow light. Featuring long-lasting, full-spectrum LEDs, smart grow lights help indoor flora to flourish. Simply use an app to set the optimal lighting schedule and watch them burst into life.

Another excellent consideration is to furnish your home office with a comfy recliner or small sofa. Great for when you need to shift to a more restful position, stylish furniture equipped with USB charging ports and LED-lit cupholders can make it easy to stay plugged in to work but still feel relaxed. As one survey showed, 71% of remote workers say being able to work from home helps balance their work and personal life. Having a unique and comfortable spot to get your work done from home could be the first step to striking that balance for yourself.

Interested in learning more about smart WFH décor? Check out the accompanying resource for additional examples of smart home technology that can help boost your home office set-up.

Infographic provided by Sofas & Sectionals, a Flexsteel furniture provider

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