Life in Private Equity: How Industry Veteran Mark Hauser Stays Sharp

Private equity investing is an alternative investment class that connects private companies with investors without the need for the public stock exchange. Private equity funds invest in many companies and often engage in buyouts. Mark Hauser, a private equity investor, is a fund manager with more than 35 years of experience in the field.

The founder of Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser has spent almost four decades of his life honing his craft while offering advice and suggestions to those seeking to emulate him.

Today, we are going to delve into the world of private equity to better understand how veteran investor Mark Hauser stays sharp in such a cutting sector.

Life and Investing

Mark Hauser was born in Cincinnati, OH, where he was raised by his family in a small, tightly knit community. Hauser would grow up with an affinity for athletics thanks to his father’s work as a professional ball player, taking most of his free time with football games and other sports.

Outside of his passion for athletics, including skiing and running, Hauser would grow into a focused student, graduating from St. Xavier Catholic School before acquiring his B.A. in Business Administration from Miami University.

Even though his affinity for the financial field was clear early on, it was far from the only direction that he wanted to take in life. Hauser explains, “I always wanted to be a touring musician; I admire police officers and school teachers.”

Despite his dream jobs being rather far away from the investing field, Hauser understood where his talents were leading him. Hauser would acquire a small insurance company in the early 90s before directing it toward becoming the Hauser Private Equity firm we know it to be today.

Fostering Upward Growth

As the Managing Partner and Founder of Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser has played a definitive role every step of the way during the company’s growth.

To keep his company growing in such a positive and upward direction, Hauser has made sure to stay true to his core business ideals. Hauser believes that the best way to build a business relationship is by establishing one that is “built on mutual respect and a shared vision.”

Developing and fostering positive relationships is particularly important in business and, particularly, the world of private equity. Thanks to his focus and efforts, Hauser has had success in building Hauser Private Equity into a juggernaut with four funds having invested more than $300 million worth of capital across a range of diverse industries.

Never looking backward, Hauser says, “90% of your focus should be on the future.”

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