Simple Strategies to Enhance Your Savings

Every individual has a defined savings plan in their life. It will help them accomplish their money goals if planned effectively. With increasing demands and life’s uncertainties, you should keep enhancing your savings policy to help it accommodate your financial needs. So, how can you go about doing it practically? Here is a detail to help you best in this regard.

Best Strategies to Enhance Your Savings

  • Make a financial plan – The first and most important way to enhance your savings is to have a financial plan. Calculate an approximate budget based on your routine expenses, focus on short term and long term financial goals, include inflation factors and make a financial plan. While making this plan, you can ascertain a specific fund exclusively for your savings purposes.

And, if you are the sole earning member in the family, then focus on purchasing a life insurance plan with life cover to balance your financial needs. For instance, the Tata AIA life insurance savings plan provides a comprehensive savings solution that provides a life cover and guaranteed returns on maturity. You can avail of the guaranteed returns as regular income to maximise the benefit for your family during unprecedented scenarios and also to retire early.

  • Have a contingency fund – While investing in a savings plan proves beneficial in the long term, it has to be left untouched for its maximum utilisation. And to achieve that, you must have a contingency fund to suffice for the short term emergency fund requirements.

For example, you should have sufficient liquid cash to manage a medical emergency in your family that is so unexpected. How will you decide on the required contingency fund? First, make a budget with routine financial requirements and a financial plan with a savings product to accomplish all your future commitments and set aside a portion of the remaining amount for emergency purposes.

  • Use advanced applications – You will have to pay a set of bills every month. Therefore, it will take away a major portion of your salary. And, even if you have started saving a portion of your salary from last month, you might forget to continue with the same this month due to increasing commitments.

Banks and other financial institutions allow auto-debit features from the account for the required purposes based on the settings. Therefore, to grow your savings, use advanced applications that include features like the auto-debit functionality to ensure you promptly save a portion of your income.

  • Invest in the right financial product – When you have decided to invest in a savings plan for your financial requirements, do it right for maximum benefits. Choose products that will let you grow money with compound interest. And, if you want to combine family commitments with personal financial needs, you can choose savings insurance solutions.

For instance, you can choose a long term savings plan with life cover to ascertain financial security for your family members in your absence while saving a portion of your income to save for future commitments.

  • Revise the savings plan periodically – Based on the increasing financial needs, keep revising the savings component to suffice for the increasing demand in the family. And, if you want to plan for your retirement, you can choose the regular income plan that will accumulate a large corpus during the policy tenure and provide the payout as regular income based on the defined income period apart from the life cover.


Having a savings plan and investing in it regularly is not just the right key to financial freedom. Enhancing the savings plan by utilising the different options maximally to suffice for the financial needs is just the right way to start. Make a financial plan and set aside a portion of the money to reserve it for the savings needs.

Have a contingency fund to pay for emergencies so that it does not affect your savings anytime. If you are a person who can forget doing important things, have advanced applications to auto-debit for the savings plans regularly.

And most importantly, while choosing the savings plan, do it right to ensure maximum benefits based on your financial commitments. Stay invested and revise the financial solutions when required to customise them as per increasing financial needs!

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