Small Business 101: Tips To Reduce Packaging Costs For A Product!

You know that packaging is a critical for selling and promoting your products. Marketing experts agree that packaging alone can trigger sales and is a great tool for branding. However, packaging comes for a cost, and if yours is a small company, you have to smart with every step. Here are some amazing tips to reduce packaging costs like a pro!

Focus on essentials first

Every product has specific packaging needs. To be more precise, the retail box for a beauty product would be different than that of a scented candle. It is important to understand what the product needs, so that it isn’t damaged in transit. Also, you may have to consider the need for extra packaging for cushioning needs.

Hire the right manufacturer for retail boxes

Some manufacturers operate on a large scale, and they can offer considerable price cuts compared to smaller companies. Make sure that you are working with the right packaging partner to keep the costs in check. For example, if you order boxes in bulk, you can ask for an extra discount. It depends on the service, but the packaging partner is key to controlling costs.

Cut down on printing

Printing costs can add to the cost of the box, and in any case, people don’t like packaging that’s crowded with too much information. Make sure that you get the design right, keeping a check on the branding and other aspects, but don’t overdo the requirements. Minimalistic packaging is, in fact, a trend at the moment, and you can gain more out of the budget assigned for packaging.

Order and store in bulk

If you expect a steady of flow of orders, always order in bulk. Most companies do offer the advantage of large production scale, and while it depends on the size of the order, it is possible to negotiate as we had mentioned earlier. Many packaging manufacturers also offer storage for an extra charge, so you can stock some of your inventory with them before the next requirement.

Choose the right box size

If you opt for a box that’s too large for the product just for an effect, you may end up spending on the inner cushioning material. Similarly, a smaller box may damage the product in transit. Always try and avoid extra packaging, because even that extra inch will add to shipping costs further.

Check online to find packaging manufacturers for small companies.

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