Three Common SEO Myths you Should Not Believe

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been recognized as a dependable marketing strategy that online businesses can employ. However, some people still don’t believe in its power and prefer to spread myths about SEO. If you are just getting started with SEO, make sure you don’t believe in any of the following myths:

SEO is a One-Time Project

Once you choose an SEO agency to work on your marketing efforts and get the results you desire, your SEO effort does not actually stop there. This is because of the constant updates in technology, competition, and search engines. You need to always comply with these changes in order to stay competitive. Your SEO campaign may have worked today but you may need a different company in the near future. Your chosen agency will have lots of continuous work to do to keep your site ranked.

You Get Ranked by Loading your Contents with Too Many Keywords

When it comes to the usability and relevance of your site, keyword density is a significant factor to consider. But, stuffing your contents with too many keywords will make your website look spammy to Google spiders. The best practice is to use keywords as often as you can while ensuring your contents flow naturally.

Having More Links Help you Get Better Rankings

It actually depends on the types and quality of links your site has. In terms of rankings, inbound links can help. You must focus on creating a user-friendly and interesting site that other people will want to naturally create links to. When this happens, search engines will consider your pages as relevant and give you a better ranking.

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