What Is Ambivert Personality Type

Personality is a major factor in determining a person’s social identity, likeability, and even success in his/her endeavours. This is where typically people are divided into two categories which are introvert (shy, socially withdrawn), and extrovert (outgoing, socially engaging). However, as we know, the world is never as simple as black and white. You can’t always be happy or unhappy, but, simply at peace as well. This is where the classification of personalities between extrovert and introvert is also inadequate. There is another category which is ‘Omnivert’ the personality type that can appear to be a live-wire, a party person, or a recluse depending upon the mood, situation, purpose, context of the event as well as the people around.

The key is that ambiverts can be whoever they want to be.

Knowing whether you are an ambivert or not

Since the society sees people as introverts or extroverts, it is not uncommon for you to contemplate which one you are or to feel that you don’t fit snugly into any of the two moulds. If you reflect, you might recall incidents where you behaved like an introvert and also there would have been times when you happened to be an out and out extrovert. If yes then you are probably an ambivert. Don’t worry, there are various traits that help you identify that you are an ambivert.

Signs of being an ambivert

  • You enjoy being with people, attending parties and celebrations, spending time with groups of friends. However, you love to alternate between such occasions and only spend a certain amount of time in such scenarios.
  • You love engaging people in discussions, chatting and interacting with your friends. However, you know your limits and don’t wish to indulge in meaningful banter that seems to drag on.
  • You love nature and spending ‘me time’, but you don’t picture yourself as living away from the society and social engagements. You are not someone who would compulsively go on picnics and parties every weekend. You identify yourself more with someone who goes on partying late on Saturday night and then spending a day reading a book, spending time with nature and relaxing instead of being pushed into another party.
  • You are not someone who has stage fright or would faint holding a mic and addressing 1000 people, but you are not always keen to hog the limelight. While an introvert would shy away from the stage, an extrovert would prefer jumping into the picture at every opportunity.
  • People might see you as someone moody or a chameleon to them because sometimes you might display the energy and exuberance of a rockstar and at other times the peace and indifference of a hermit. People find you mysterious because you don’t fit into their brackets of introvert and extrovert.
  • You are equally at ease with performing the routine tasks and also deliver your best when you get an opportunity to innovate or think out of the box.

Challenges faced by ambiverts

Having read all this might make you feel that an ambivert displays the perfect meaning of soft skills. However, nobody is ever absolutely perfect and being an ambivert can also cause some disadvantages and challenges.

Since ambiverts display extremely contrasting behaviours and can often surprise others with their choices, actions or responses, they might be considered as unpredictable and unreliable. People might not trust you for consistency of behaviour or support. Similarly, since an ambivert is likely to swing between choices depending upon situations and moods, it is often more challenging and time consuming for such people to take sides or make choices.

Being balanced is good, but, frequently changing sides can be unsettling.

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