Why Is It Necessary To Work In HR (Human Resource) Department

The Human Resource Department has witnessed many changes. Previously it was considered an administrative function only, but the present situation has changed a lot. Choosing a career in HR brings in a large number of opportunities. The organizations are working constantly to add skilled people to their HR team.

The HR Department is also called the Personnel Department which deals with the functions of their business which are related to their employees. The HR Department has to perform a number of roles like recruitment and selection, training, maintaining the contracts of the employee’s complaint, rights of the employees, health and safety.

There are a large number of opportunities in the HR Department. A Company like Breton Tradition 1944 provide Riviere Du Loup emploi, which is a small town in Quebec.

Mostly the people choose the HR job because they get the opportunity to deal with the various aspects of an organization and also get a chance to take necessary business decisions. The various jobs in HR Department are:

  • HR Assistant – This is an entry level position in the HR Department. The job includes handling the HR related queries, paperwork and the documentation work related to the employees.
  • HR Officer – The duties of an HR officer are to handle the recruitment, training, induction, managing payroll, leave and sickness tracking, handling the grievance procedures and developing a system to support the staff.
  • Recruitment Coordinator – Handles all the recruitment procedures like giving advertisements for the new vacancies, managing job applications, shortlisting the suitable candidates, arranging interviews and also setting the testing procedures which are important in the recruitment process.
  • Training officer – The job includes identifying the training requirements for the employees and arranging the training courses for the working employees.

  • HR Manager – The role is important which includes the use of various policies, processes for the growth of an organization along with the responsibility of looking after the welfare and salary status of the employee.
  • HR Director – Duties include control and the management of expenditure within the specified budget and also implementing the strategies for the growth of the organization.


The HR team is office based and has a working a 40 hour week but in case of an emergency the work hours may be extended. There are various departments within an organization like the IT Department, Sales Department, etc. But HR Department does the task of looking after the welfare of their employees who are appointed by their employer. It develops a close working relationship among the people.

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