Why You Should Form a Company in Vanuatu

Part of Oceania, Vanuatu is an independent state and country with a population of about 228,000 people. People who live in this country are called Ni-Vanuatu. The country does not share borders with other countries and, therefore, stands out on its own – not only physically, but as an offshore business hub. If you want to set up a business offshore, you may be interested in the island nation, close to Australia.

Where People Go to Form Offshore Businesses

Captain James Cook journeyed through the island chain in 1774, and called them, at the time, New Hebrides – a name that originates from islands sitting off of Scotland’s west coast. Lying just west of Fiji, Vanuatu features gorgeous scenic islands (13 larger and 70 smaller), many of which are volcanic. Whilst the local economy centres on fishing and agriculture, business people seek out the country for its liberal tax regulations. Therefore, company formations in Vanuatu are often made by offshore businesses.

Whilst the impressive capital and port city of Port-Vila features colonial buildings and open-air markets, the outer islands stay true to their Melanesian culture. The highest point in the country is Mount Tabwemasana, which stands at 6,165 feet tall, or 1,879 metres. That is how high you will feel you ascended when you form your business in Vanuatu.

To make sure you form your business correctly, you need to rely on the services of a company that provides accountancy and business advice. That means you need to refer to a company that features full services – services that include accounting and auditing, corporate support, and licencing and permits. You can also refer to the same business to help answer your offshore trust questions and help you with strata title activities.

Choose a Company That You Can Trust

Once you have aligned your fledgling business with an accountancy firm, you will be able to swim over any stormy sea with assurance. For example, you can rely on a supportive firm to take care of details, such as funds management and executorship activities. The same company should also provide trustee services and help you with the provision of nominee directors, a secretary, and shareholders.

Work with a Full-Service Accountancy Firm

As you can see, the work of a full-service accountant goes beyond balancing a company’s transactions. The accountancy firm should also cover you if you need a whole host of other business services. If you don’t have this type of guarantee, it can be hard to develop your business as an offshore company.

Receive the Support You Need When You Need it

If you want to excel in the business world, you need to have a strong financial advisor at your side. That is why you cannot choose just any accountancy firm to support your business interests. Make sure you are fully supported in this respect.

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