Work to Succeed: Kevin Modany Outlines Core Traits & Skills Every Executive Consultant Should Possess

As an experienced business consultant with over a decade of experience within operations, Kevin Modany has been keen to share the insights and lintel that have made him so successful over the years.

Managing Director at BlueRock Partners, Kevin Modany has garnered a reputation for increasing communications and operational effectiveness after consulting with executives.

A former CPA, Modany utilizes his extensive background of knowledge to provide support to the companies that turn to him.

Modany recently outlined what he believes to be the most important consultant functions and executive consultancy skills for the position.

Expected Consultant Functions

An executive consultant will remain heavily involved throughout just about every phase of a business and its operations. As a result, multifaceted executive consultants can advise clients on a number of business topics while providing them with keen insight along the way.

Some areas of focus for executive consultants include

  • Generate Reports, Summarize Surveys.
  • Framework For Upcoming Mergers
  • Deliver Assistance for Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Provide Senior Executives With Guidance
  • Complete SWOT Analysis to Identify Strengths / Weaknesses / Threats / Opportunities

Kevin Modany is a firm believer in the continued pursuit of education so as to support the ability to conquer the aforementioned skills. Modany utilizes his background as a Certified Public Accountant as well as his focus on continued education to keep atop the industry.

Important Attributes for an Executive Consultant

The most skilled and successful executive consultants will remain committed to improving upon their personal and professional attributes. Kevin Modany discussed a few desirable qualities that will make executive consultants the best of the best within their chosen industries.

  • Analytical Skills – Consultants must be able to analyze, summarize, and consult executives on specific problems while devising targeted professional solutions. Consultants will utilize data to explore patterns and trends.
  • Project Management – A complex task, executive consultants must be skilled when it comes to handling a variety of variables and stakeholders. Executive consultants should be able to handle multifaceted operations while ensuring the delivery of any services on time.
  • Strategic Thinking – Most companies will operate with targeted goals for both short and long-term ideations. Short-term objectives are typically geared toward present performance while long-term goals will focus on bigger picture items. Executive consultants should sharpen their skills with regard to strategic thinking so as to support whatever efforts are necessary.

Most of all, Kevin Modany suggests that executive consultants prime themselves to work with data in order to make targeted and accurate decisions. Modany says, “I think it requires that we prioritize, and we make sure that we’re focused on the right set of data, and we don’t get overwhelmed by it. I think it is super exciting.”

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